Reviews for fashion mia

Is fashion Mia legit?

Fashionmia does not give legit contacts such as emails, phone numbers etc like legitimate companies. Can only contact thru their website on their terms. Take your money but don’t provide a legit product or any real customer service. If you get anything it is shoddy and not worth the money.

Does Rosegal have good quality clothing?

The Web of Trust site gave Rosegal a trustworthiness score of only 40 out of 100 after multiple negative Rosegal clothing reviews. Their overall rating there is 2 out of 5 stars. The complaints on these review sites are similar to those lodged against the company on the BBB site.

Is StyleWe good quality?

StyleWe has a consumer rating of 4.07 stars from 2,625 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. StyleWe also ranks 1st among Women’s Clothing sites. The most common issues with StyleWe are around returns, which are more complicated than expected by some customers.

Is Floryday a reliable website?

Among the negative reviews of Floryday on Trustpilot is one from a shopper that said the quality of the clothes was very poor. After waiting a long time for their order, they found the clothing to be made of flimsy and cheap material.

Is Zulily a Chinese company?

That is what Zulily is like. Their women’s and men’s clothing looks good, but beware, most of it is made in China and is pure junk. They have a return policy on many (but not all) items for a store credit and they deduct shipping for sending it back then again for spending your store credit.

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Where is Rosegal clothing shipped from?

Flat rate shipping, this shipping method is carried out by the local post office. The main carriers we use are Netherlands Post, Sweden Post, China Post, Hongkong Post and Singapore Post, among others.

Is Rosewe a legit company?

In terms of online security and basic function, yes, Rosewe is legit. However, just because will let you fill up your cart and order, that doesn’t mean that you will have a good experience.

Is Roselinlin a legitimate company?

The Roselinlin is a scam website do not make any purchase on this website. It is not going to deliver your order. If they do then the product will not be appropriate. Do shop online only with known websites.

Is ASOS a good website?

ASOS has a consumer rating of 1.91 stars from 1,225 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. ASOS also ranks 74th among General Apparel sites. The most common issues with ASOS are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

Are Floryday dresses good quality?

“Excellent quality clothing at great prices”

Floryday has unique styles that you won’t find at other stores. The only negative was shipping (but that was not Floryday’s fault). … Very satisfied customer and I’ll definitely shop Floryday again.

How long does Floryday take to deliver?

within 7 days

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