Fashion at the races

What do you wear to the races?

What to wear to the races: 7 race day dresses

  • Combine a bold colour with an elegant design. …
  • Ladies Day is the perfect excuse to dress up. …
  • You can’t go wrong with a maxi dress. …
  • When in doubt, pick a navy dress. …
  • Long sleeve dresses can save the day. …
  • Pastel tones are always on-trend at the races. …
  • Classic race day dresses are always winners.

10 мая 2019 г.

Can you wear jeans to the races?

You want to make an entrance but also be as comfortable as you can – after all you are standing around (or trying to stand with all that champagne) and watching horses racing. Most would say that wearing jeans to a formal event is a massive no no, but it can simply be the way an outfit is put together.

Is it OK to wear black to the races?

“If black is not your colour wear it away from the face, for instance, have a dress with a low neckline, wear sheer fabrics or have a soft white trim between your face and the black. “Remember this is the races not a cocktail party. There is a fine line to tread here. Keep accessories simple and refined.

What do you wear to the races in the winter?

Wool or Wool Blends. A wool or wool-blend fabric is the perfect choice for a cold weather day at the races. Limiting your need to layer, a wool dress is heavier than most other fabrics, locking in a little extra warmth. This will allow you to stay comfortable outdoors, so you don’t miss a beat.

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Can ladies wear pants to the races?

Times are changing in the world of race wear, and more and more these days it’s easy to spot women wearing the pants (so to speak) on a day at the races. This is a welcomed change for many, who feel more comfortable rocking seperates than finding that one dress.

Can you wear boots to the races?

Wearing chunky boots / stripper stilettos / sneakers

Chunky boots aren’t welcome at the races and probably don’t match your ladylike outfit anyway. Stripper-inspired stilettos are inapprops, not to mention they’re the #1 enemy of grass everywhere.

What do ladies wear to horse races?

Ladies typically wear a colorful dress (prints and florals encouraged), flats, and a fun hat. Gentlemen will fit in wearing light suits (e.g. seersucker), pastel shirts, and a bowtie or regular tie.

What men should wear to the races?

In summary, the perfect outfit to wear while going to watch the horse racing comprises of:

  • A suit – Any colour, or if it’s the summer, separates which consists of a blazer and complimenting trousers.
  • A smart shirt.
  • Smart shoes – Oxford or derby shoes (Chelsea boots acceptable in Winter)
  • A dress watch.
  • Tie.
  • Pocket Square.

What do ladies wear at Cheltenham races?

At The Festival™ presented by Magners, many ladies wear hats, but we recommend you have the weather as well as fashion in mind. Gentlemen usually wear a suit or similar in the Club Enclosure and in restaurants and hospitality facilities.

What do you wear to a night race?

Your look should always be elegant but you do have a lot more style freedom, think of what you’d wear to a cocktail gathering. When you’re putting together your evening race meet outfit, look for a sleek style that works with textures rather than bold colours which will keep you flawlessly chic.

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What do you wear to a car race?

You could wear a t-shirt, crop top, tank top, jeans, or shorts. Just remember you’re going to be in the sun for a while and take that into consideration. Additionally, the stands can get hot, so longer pants come in handy to avoid burning your legs.

Can you wear trousers to the races?

Where once dresses were your only option, jumpsuits and elegant formal trousers are now acceptable at most racing events. For formal events, jumpsuits and trousers will need to be full-length rather than cropped. So, it’s always best to double check the dress code if you’ve decided to opt away from a dress choice.

What do you wear over formal dress when its cold?

What Can I Wear Over My Dress If It’s Cold?

  • A Belted Robe Coat. Credit: Net-a-Porter / Toteme. …
  • A Cocoon Coat. Credit: J. …
  • A (Faux) Fur Stole or Fur Coat. For a formal affair or wedding, a fur stole or wrap is the most glamorous cover-up you could choose. …
  • A Cape-Style Coat. …
  • A Classic Topcoat.

What do you wear to smart casual races?

Generally, most people will dress smart-casual to go to the races. You’ll see a mix of this and people “dressing to impress”, with full suits and luxury dresses. This isn’t necessary in every enclosure, though most courses “premier enclosure” will need you to be well dressed.

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