Derby day mens fashion

What do men wear on Derby Day?

For Derby Day, stick to a stylish monochromatic look with a well-fitting black or grey suit and white dress shirt. Dress to impress on Melbourne Cup Day with a beige or blue suit, light dress shirt and bold accessories.

What do you wear on Derby Day?

The dress code for men and women on Derby Day is Black and White – but you can get away with shades of grey. The official flower for Derby Day is the cornflower. This subtle purple-blue flower pairs perfectly with the monochrome palette for Derby Day. So you can always pop one in your pocket or pin one to your lapel.

Can you wear GREY to Derby Day?

Derby Day traditionally calls for black, white or grey, but there are plenty of ways to stand out from the monochromatic crowd.

What men wear to the races?

In summary, the perfect outfit to wear while going to watch the horse racing comprises of:

  • A suit – Any colour, or if it’s the summer, separates which consists of a blazer and complimenting trousers.
  • A smart shirt.
  • Smart shoes – Oxford or derby shoes (Chelsea boots acceptable in Winter)
  • A dress watch.
  • Tie.
  • Pocket Square.

What do I wear to an evening race?

Your look should always be elegant but you do have a lot more style freedom, think of what you’d wear to a cocktail gathering. When you’re putting together your evening race meet outfit, look for a sleek style that works with textures rather than bold colours which will keep you flawlessly chic.

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Can you wear jeans to the races?

You want to make an entrance but also be as comfortable as you can – after all you are standing around (or trying to stand with all that champagne) and watching horses racing. Most would say that wearing jeans to a formal event is a massive no no, but it can simply be the way an outfit is put together.

Can you wear jeans to the Kentucky Derby?

Per the Kentucky Derby dress code, the following articles of clothing are only permitted in the Infield: Denim, jeans, shorts and tennis shoes. Torn or frayed clothing.

Can a woman wear pants to the Kentucky Derby?

DO NOT wear jeans.

Derby day is a day for spring dresses (both long and short), suits, leather shoes and heels. If you insist on wearing pants at all, they should be loose, fancy, and paired with eye-catching accessories.

Do you have to wear black and white to Derby Day?

Derby Day is a completely monochrome affair with attendees either wearing a black-and-white mix or one-tone outfits. Headpieces are required, however, think traditional: a wide-brimmed hat or chic headband.

Why do you wear black and white to Derby Day?

Black is best for hiding spills (white, not so much)

On a day that inevitably involves grass, Champagne, chicken sandwiches and countless lipstick touch-ups the potential for spillage is great. Black is your best chance of leaving the track looking as polished as when you arrive.

What Colour rose for Derby Day?

Yellow Rose Flower

Can you wear black to the races?

“If black is not your colour wear it away from the face, for instance, have a dress with a low neckline, wear sheer fabrics or have a soft white trim between your face and the black. “Remember this is the races not a cocktail party. There is a fine line to tread here. Keep accessories simple and refined.

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Can you wear chinos at the races?

First of all, all men should wear suits to the races. No sports coats with trousers or chinos, and if you really want to make an effort, don’t just wear your business suit to the races. There’s a distinct difference between a suit you wear to work and one you wear to the races.

What do men wear at Cheltenham?

What should men wear? Gentlemen are advised to wear suits and other formal clothes as a part of the dress code at Cheltenham Gold Cup and during their visit to the enclosures, whereas any other relaxed style is welcome on any other event.

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