Polaris fashion place stores

Which is better Easton or Polaris?

Easton is much better if you’re into atmosphere and want the whole shopping/dining experience. Polaris is nice, but it looks like the typical mall that you can find in any city in the U.S. It has a couple nice restaurants, but also has the usual boring food court. … If you’ve never been, it’s worth a trip to Polaris.

Who owns Polaris mall?

Washington Prime GroupGlimcher Realty Trust

What is at Polaris Mall?

About Polaris Fashion Place – Mall

Polaris Fashion Place is Central Ohio’s premier shopping destination featuring many market-exclusive brands and locally-owned specialty shops including the Apple Store, Tangible, Luluemon, Coach, Disney Store and more.

When was Polaris mall built?

October 2001

What is the largest mall in America?

King of Prussia Mall

What is the biggest mall in Ohio?

SouthPark Mall

Are dogs allowed in Polaris mall?

Beginning Monday, Polaris no longer will allow animals inside, except for service dogs and pets having their photo taken in a portrait studio. … Some Polaris shoppers said no animal belongs in a mall, except those that still will be allowed when the policy changes.

Where is the Polaris headquarters?

Medina, Minnesota, United States

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