New fashion police cast

Why was fashion police Cancelled?

The red-carpet panel struggled for ratings and relevance after the death of original host Joan Rivers. In a world that’s become increasingly fatigued with aesthetic criticism and “Who are you wearing?,” E! has decided to put the final nail in Fashion Police’s coffin.

Is the fashion police Real?

There are a couple of things that the phrase “fashion police” might mean to you. … The real-life fashion police, of course! But it’s not just French Muslim women being stomped on by the lacquered boots of sartorial SWAT teams.

What happened to Fashion Police show?

The Fashion Police are being removed from active duty: E!’s long-running fashion commentary series is coming to an end after seven years, our sister site Variety reports. Fashion Police will conclude its run on Monday, Nov. 27 (at 8 pm/7c), with the hour-long special Fashion Police: The Farewell.

What fashion police means?

Fashion police is defined as a term for people who are considered experts in dressing well who comment on the clothing of others. An example of fashion police are the stylists in fashion magazines who post pictures from clothing seen around New York City and then determine if each look was good or bad.

What happened Melissa Rivers?

Television personality Melissa Rivers suffered a nasty spill on the ski slopes. The 52-year-old took to Twitter to tell fans about her unfortunate accident on Sunday, Feb. 9, posting a photo of her left leg in a brace.

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